Why Choose Office 365? Savvy Business Results Await….

Are you tired of passing around the same spreadsheet to members of a team only to be faced with comments like, “I didn’t have the latest version” and “My changes didn’t get attached”? These complaints are true time wasters creating an unproductive work environment. Switching to an Office 365 subscription will provide your team with up-to-date software and speed like never before!

Featured within Office 356 is Microsoft Teams – a space where teams can collaborate and share information via chat, video conferencing, data storage and application implementation. The best part about Microsoft Teams is the ability to work remotely and connect with clients and staff wherever they may be. TimbukTech will tailor-make the platform for your business needs so that your employees can collaborate on projects that currently live in many different locations. This platform acts as a project manager so your staff can share files and make live updates to documents in real time – creating simultaneous applause around the office!

There are many packages and bundle opportunities from an email-only option to adding in Word, Excel, etc., making the options more affordable then traditional Office products. This variability can save you money by only buying what you really need for each employee and customizing each user to their role in the company. Office 365 can also connect to five devices – making your life more efficient and organized! Your laptop, phone, tablet, desktop – all connected versus being chained to your desk and non-mobile responsive!

Not to forget the tech specs, Office 365 is secure and can be configured with MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) to legitimize logging in from each device. Real-time updates are a big deal when it comes to utilizing the features of Office 365 – users get the benefit of the latest upgrades possible versus living with what you bought one time in the past – why not be up-to-date all the time? TimbukTech bundles Office 365 with third-party security software, such as Proofpoint Essentials to provide enhanced spam protection, email encryption, and spoofing prevention. If your server goes down, Proofpoint serves as a bridge for email continuity by queuing up messages; you can access Proofpoint simply by logging on and proceeding business-as-usual without disruption and continual communication. Pairing these products together allows for a rigorous strategy of user-friendly work environments, workplace efficiencies, and hard-working network protection.

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Don’t be a Cyber Crime Statistic – Why Your Business Needs Multi-Factor Authentication Now

Multi-Factor authentication or MFA is a process of verifying the credentials of a user attempting to connect to protected data. MFA is commonly described as something you have, as well as something you know. For example, a user has an email address and logs into their credit card information after receiving a text message with a code in order to proceed to the protected data. After receiving the authentication, users can rest assured, knowing they were the only user to receive this special code, confirming the security of the session.

Won’t this slow down my ability to quickly get the information I need?
No. MFA is easy to use and becomes a habit, just like any other security measure you have implemented into your security regime. The moment or two it takes to receive the authentication, can mean the difference between maintaining your company’s identity or letting it slip away by ignoring the challenges networks face in the age of criminal cyber activity.

With MFA enabled, hackers are less likely to be able to access both a user’s credentials and the resources the user is attempting to access. Two-factor authentication (2FA) or dual authentication, a subgroup of MFA indicating it takes two types of factors for identification purposes, is a common practice by which users produce two unique forms of credential confirmation. For example, a user may log into a banking website, possess a pin number AND a unique one-time passcode in order to access the information. This dual authentication allows for a unique-in-time-visitor-circumstance, allowing for peace of mind and corroboration that proper security measures are in place.

TimbukTech’s Managed IT Services guard against vulnerabilities and create long-lasting secure habits that lead to a healthy, robust network.

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