Encryption keeps your information safe, both personally and for your business.You may take encryption for granted, but is important to keeping your sensitive data private. Without encryption, you have no protection against anyone that might wish to use your data or information against you. Here are a few reasons to encrypt your data.

1. Move to the Cloud

The stigma of the cloud is that many people fear your data can accessed by anyone at any time.

This is not true.

The cloud stores your data in a space that nobody but you can touch. Encryption makes it possible for data to be safe by jumbling the data into something that nobody without the correct key can decipher. Then, when it is retrieved, the information is encoded so that you and only you can see what is stored within.

Encryption means that you can remotely store data in the cloud without concern.

2. Separate Data

Keeping certain types of data with key services can cause problems.

In the short term, you lose data.

In the long term, you lose trust.

Separating your personal and professional data among multiple services ensures that your data remains secure.

3. Regulations

Regulations maintain that you must use certain preventative measures to ensure the safety of user data through certain types of data storage and encryption.

If data from your company or customers was ever leaked, encryption would make it so anyone looking to exploit that data would have to use special programs to even attempt to decipher what they are seeing or try to find the right decryption key.

Ensure your company is following regulatory measures by determining what data should be encrypted.

4. Competitive Advantage

Using encryption gives you an edge over similar competitors. While they may be using safe data storage methods, you guarantee data safety through encryption and have the statistics to back up the statement. Encryption may help you increase revenue by storing more sensitive data and by meeting privacy standards.

When it comes to encryption, we recommend to opt for it when you are given the opportunity. Secure data is necessary.