IT companies are always looking for the best ways to market their service and one of the best ways is to generate interest through buzzwords. These can be mainstream or made up, but either way they are an easy way to market a product or service and make it seem much more intuitive and fancy than it might actually be. This, or it could be intentionally deceptive to the customer to give the IT company the option to provide other services. Either way, they will be using buzzwords to generate interest and this is a deceptive practice you won’t see TimbukTech using. Here are a few of the most egregious buzzwords in the industry.


A term that means an ecological unit of organisms and their environment as been turned on its heels to describe just about anything these days. A technology ecosystem, an internet of things ecosystem, just about anything can be coined as an ecosystem. However, this is simply a way to describe something as having a set of moving parts or components. It could just as easily be called a network without all the head scratching.


A term that means both the formation of ideas and a way to reference suicidal thoughts in the medical industry. Brainstorming can get the point across just as well without the confusion. Ideation doesn’t add anything productive or intelligent to the discussion, just more buzzwords to cycle through.


It’s the same as saying you are busy, but saying it like this makes you seem like a robot or a defective cell phone. It’s especially easy to misconstrue this term in the IT industry, leaving others scratching their heads as to what you are referring to. We prefer to keep it simple and easy to understand.


It means to repeat something to continue making improvements. That being said, it just sounds weird to use it in discussion. Version is a word that can easily replace iterate and the potential confusion to follow. Never try to use terms too foreign to the conversation that they could be misinterpreted or overlooked.


An expert in their field. Wizard or ninja can be replaced with this to get the same meaning, but none of the professionalism. Sure saying expert is boring, but it doesn’t look half as tacky or vapid as saying you are a “computer guru” or a “tech wizard”. We prefer to keep things professional and simple at TimbukTech.