HIPAA was created in order to protect customer information from being stolen and plays a big part in protection from identity fraud and other scams that could be harmful to a persons livelihood. However, despite your best efforts to protect your customers from the dangers of cyber criminals, there is still a chance you missed something along the way. Allow us to help you stay on track by running through a few of the ways that can catch you up and how we can aid you in preventing HIPAA violations from occurring down the road or at present.

1. Medical Records Mishandled

It’s never something you want to consider ever happening at your business, yet it’s an ever-present danger. Printed files could be accidentally left out for anyone to look at, which can lead to obvious problems. Anything that contains information on a patient needs to be safely stored away under lock and key or restricted access so that your patients are never needlessly exposed. An easier alternative would be digital documentation, but that also comes with a risk. A criminal could access your secure server that houses these documents and gain loads of personal information. This is where Timbuktech is able to help, with reliable off-site information storage and round the clock support in case things get tricky, your patients are treated like our patients.

2. Employee’s Access

Some employee’s may, accidentally or otherwise, gain access to files they shouldn’t have access to. Although very common, if an employee isn’t qualified to lay eyes on the information, they are in direct violation of HIPAA. Only those with the proper credentials are able to view the files in question. At Timbuktech, all employees are trained specifically with the patient in mind. There are no slip ups with personal information. Data is not viewed unless they are qualified to do so. Accidents happen, but an accident shouldn’t ideally cost another person their livelihood. Any and every preventative measure you use is one more safety net in case the worst comes to pass.

3. Social Breaches

This is more common in smaller towns or close-knit communities, but can also happen in larger hospitals. Word of mouth on how someone is doing is a violation of HIPAA regulations, unless of course the person inquiring is of direct relation to the person in question. These can be harmless, but there is always a chance that something more menacing is afoot. You should ideally have a predetermined response that can satisfy them and protect the patient all in one. Timbuktech is an off-site storage for your data, so there’s no worry of anybody accidentally giving out information that they shouldn’t, since it’s all under lock and key.

4. Authorization

A written request must be made to use or disclose a person’s personal health information if not used for treatment, payment, healthcare operations, or permitted by the Privacy Rule. If unsure, you should check so ensure the proper authorization has been given before handing out their information. Timbuktech always has the customers wellbeing at the forefront of our minds. Authorization is required to release information and has to be run through the proper channels to do so.

5. Lack of Training

It’s best to have a training course on HIPAA at least once a year if not more to make sure everyone is accountable and has proper training on the subject so they know what to do and what not to do. Here at Timbuktech, everyone has gone through the required training to ensure a safe environment for any and all information that we come across. Safety and reliability are our top concerns and we hope to give your patients the same care they would experience from you.