In 2022, the impact of the global pandemic will continue, though we all hope it will be in less disruptive ways.
Unsurprisingly, those trends will often show up in new technology and IT for consumers and businesses alike. It’s been our key answer to the changing environment.
Life feels like it’s getting back to normal for some, but that normal is definitely a fresh look at how we live.
Maybe that’s a “next normal?”
“New normal” was what we faced in the transition from pre-COVID life to the last two years. But now, close to the other side, we’re taking all aspects life into the metaverse along with new expectations for how to live and work.
Here are the top 5 IT trends we want companies to be aware of in 2022.
1. Automation
Automation has entered everyone’s life in new ways since 2020. From smart home notifications to chat bot customer service, automation is one of the biggest potential business improvements that most companies today have at their disposal.
In fact, about half of existing work is theoretically going to be automated in the next few decades.
McKinsey predicts that by 2025, more than 50 billion devices will be connected to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), too—not to mention consumer devices!
2. AI-Powered Insights
Artificial intelligence (AI) has a limitless ability to learn. It detects novel patterns and accelerates the detection of established ones. It eases the burden on businesses to analyze just about anything.
How will businesses use more AI in 2022?
Predictive analytics is what companies are using now to forecast future trends. According to recent reports, the predictive analytics market is growing at almost 25% a year and is expected to reach over $22 billion by the end of 2026.
3. Life Science Technologies
Technology has kept many of us happier and healthier through the pandemic. We’ve been able to continue working in many cases and we’ve continued maintaining connections that were essential to our mental health.
Life science technologies include biotechnology, nutraceuticals, environmental sciences and more. The pandemic itself—and the response in vaccine development and the required science—did its own part to accelerate this tech. That trend will continue in 2022.
On an individual level, biometric devices are giving us more data than ever to keep an eye on our well-being. Perhaps this isn’t a business technology, but the overall health and connectedness of your employees will benefit from adopting this tech in some way.
4. Data Visualization
Data visualization is a “must” for organizations in 2022.
Today, we have access to more data than ever. Every app and software you use produces reports for you that theoretically help you do everything better, yet businesses are feeling increasingly overwhelmed by the numbers.
Data visualization is customizable to put the right data into the visual context that easily discerns its patterns, trends and correlations—and clearly tells you what your next steps are.
Data visualization will account for $4.9 billion in business spending by 2026.
5. Blockchain Technology
Ah yes, the buzzword of the decade: blockchain.
Blockchain is the distributed ledger that first made its appearance in powering decentralized cryptocurrencies.
In business today, blockchain solutions are accounting for faster and more secure processing for contracts, governance, finance and even gaming.
The International Data Corporation says that company spending on blockchain technology was around $6.6 billion in 2021 and will grow well beyond $15 billion in 2024.

The future of business technology is far from certain. Still, these leading technologies have already kicked 2022 off with a bang.
From new needs in technical support to new consumer expectations and more remote and hybrid work, which of these technologies will your company get the most out of?