If you know anything about banks or finances at all, you know that the two biggest things they manage are money and personal information. This means they then need the most up to date security measures to ensure that everyone’s money and information is in safe hands. Here are five of the biggest security tips to make sure everything is kept safe and sound.


Easy enough, you need passwords in place to make sure the wrong people don’t get a peek at what you have stored away in your files. Make sure the password is strong and unique to make it more difficult to guess or figure out, and make sure that it is reset at least every month to increase your protection. Passwords should be mandatory to all employees and specialized passwords should be in place for those that have access to people’s information.


Files should be heavily encrypted so that only those with the decryption key can see what they contain. This way, even if files are stolen or leaked, outsiders are unable to see their contents and they can be safely dealt with or retrieved before more harm can be done. Operating without encryption on your files is like buying a house with no roof. It still works to keep everything in one place, but if a storm comes along, you’ll lose a lot in the process.


Keep your software up to date at all times. Make sure the updates roll through when nobody is at work so it doesn’t interrupt their schedules, but if it has to be done during the day, give them a heads up so they can prepare their schedules accordingly. Updates are vital to keeping data safe and secure since older versions of your software could have exploitable bugs in the systems that potential thieves could take advantage of.


Make sure all employees, yourself included, have been given the proper education on data protection and computer safety. Accidents happen even with as much preparation as possible, but if you educate them on how to avoid these accidents, the chances of them happening drastically reduce. This way everyone is held accountable and when a mistake happens, you know that they have had the proper training to know right from wrong.

Open Channels

Employees need room to breath and work freely. It may seem in your best interest to vet every site they go to to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks but it is actually hindering them in the long run. They may resort to other means to get the information they require which could backfire on you and them. Have some trust in your employees, give them the tools to succeed and trust that they know what is right and wrong in the workplace and if they are questioning the site they are using, to run it by you to see if it is fine or not.