Your smartphone is your best friend, but it can also be your worst enemy. If it falls into the wrong hands (or even if it doesn’t), it can expose you as well as your contacts. Think about all the location and banking history along with the photos you store there, and it’s enough to make anyone sweat.

The good news is that smartphones continue to evolve with the times, including not just new apps but added security features. The number of business people not using all the security features available to them, however, is surprising.

Keep reading to learn what essential security steps you can take for better privacy on your smartphone.
1. Set lockscreen security

The number-one security setting for basic privacy on your phone is to set your lockscreen with a password or fingerprint reader. Otherwise, leaving your phone unattended for just a couple minutes could result in someone seeing something they shouldn’t.

2. Turn off Bluetooth and location services when not in use

Whenever you’re not using location services or Bluetooth, keep these settings turned off. Hackers can use these networks to get access to your device and all its contents. As an added benefit, keeping these switched off also saves battery.

3. Don’t download questionable apps

Not all apps are trustworthy. When downloading any new app, check the developer information to be sure it comes from the company you think it does. This is true for simple app updates, too.

4. Update your operating system

Don’t let that last OS update go forgotten! Most of these updates come with valuable privacy and security improvements, so update and update often.

5. Don’t lose your phone

This one might be obvious, but not losing your smartphone is the central tenet to protecting your privacy. Do update the settings on your phone for the case where it were lost, such as “find my phone” or the configuration to wipe data clean.
Concerns of privacy can plague someone’s life, especially when using a smartphone in business. Staying ahead of device security is the best way to protect your privacy and ensure your smartphone stays your best friend forever, without any falling outs to speak of.