Technology is always evolving and adapting the numerous changes across the world, and this means that IT is changing along with them. But just as technology evolves, it doesn’t always do it perfectly. There are hiccups in any system that can’t always be rooted out when a software or hardware is released and disaster could strike without warning. A natural storm can be tracked and prepared for accordingly, but a technological storm can happen without warning and cause serious problems if there are no preparations in place. That’s where the IT Service Saver Program comes in. This article will highlight just a few of the great features that TimbukTech offers with this new IT service.

Flat Investment

This is a flat investment you will be making. The price isn’t going to fluctuate or inflate out of nowhere, blindsiding you. You are putting down a monthly investment into the best care we can provide you. Your business becomes our priority and your IT support strategy is our lifeblood. We make it our duty to put that investment towards the most efficient and effective strategy we can come up with and help you implement it in the easiest way possible. There shouldn’t be hidden costs and everything should be laid out to be as simple as possible for you.


We believe that you matter and make your business a priority. We want you to feel like we are part of the team. We aim to work closely with our clients and become an extension of your business in some ways. We don’t want to be just the number you call when things go wrong, we want to be there every step of the way to make sure things are always going right and if not, we can step in an offer a helping hand.


TimbukTech can help you create the best strategy possible, but that isn’t all we offer. We can help evaluate your equipment needs and direct you to the best possible solutions. You should always have the very best hardware and software for your business and we want to help you find the best solution. We want to help improve IT efficiency so that issues are resolved faster and taken care of so that they never crop up again. We want to help you create a strategy that caters to your business and gives you and your clients the care and services they deserve.


IT support should be efficient, an investment that you never regret or stress over. We know how important IT is to businesses and want to help you create the best possible support strategy for your business and streamline it so that you don’t have to worry when things go wrong. There are always going to be problems, we know that. But they should never be so serious as to cost you clients. Let us help you find the best solution and implement it, making sure that everything goes smoothly from the first day on.

Around the Year Service

Being an extension of your business means that we are there when you need us most. If that is during normal work hours or after, we are just a phone call away. Our services are available to you year round, meaning that we are always ready to help at a moments notice. Let us help you build the business you’ve always dreamed of and make that dream a bit more manageable through IT support.