Voice over IP (or VoIP) is the technology replacing old-fashioned telephones. This new kind of telephony has improved the standards for quality phone service, especially for businesses.

The cost savings alone are enough to pique interest—but before you rush off to start shopping VoIP providers, learn the top 7 benefits of VoIP so you can identify the benefit that’s most important to you. As you research VoIP companies, you’ll be empowered to make the best choice for your business with that priority in mind.

1. Higher quality of calls

VoIP uses an internet connection instead of a phone line, meaning high-definition voice is transmitted over the internet. This offers exceptionally crisp audio and noise reduction—and really, who wouldn’t want that?

2. Cost savings on multiple levels

Both the software and hardware for VoIP are far superior to traditional land lines. The most competitive VoIP providers take it upon themselves to ensure you have the most current hardware and software, too.

Businesses don’t have to purchase their own phones and infrastructure using VoIP, either, which results in instant savings.

3. Easier conference calls

VoIP offers more than just voice calls. You can easily add others to a call on an impromptu conference, plus you can use conference calls to transfer other media formats like images, text, and even video.

4. Pandemic-proof

VoIP means total flexibility and mobility of your phone service. If an employee plans to move away and continue working virtually, that employee can keep the assigned VoIP phone number.

And when an employee does leave the company, transferring ownership of a given line is a piece of cake.

5. Reliable service

The claim of “more reliable service” comes from the competition in the VoIP space. With familiar names like Facetime and Skype pioneering the way, there are so many VoIP software today that the technology is advancing fast—and this makes it more reliable technology than the landline technology that’s been the same for a generation.

6. Scalable whenever you need it to be

Whether you plan on scaling now, this year, or in a more distant future, VoIP is as scalable as telephony gets. You don’t need to provision new lines when you grow; you just add another license to set each new employee up.

7. Easy maintenance

Installation, implementation, and maintenance are truly a piece of cake on VoIP systems. Most maintenance can be done 100% remotely by your VoIP provider, and the installation takes most businesses a matter of an hour.

Most VoIP systems, in fact, come in a “plug and play” format so you won’t even need help to get done.
There still might be other lingering questions you have about VoIP and the benefits that stand out for your business. Contact us to get those questions answered today.