There is always a chance that a local government can be attacked by an outside source. Nobody thinks it will happen to them until it is too late, but it’s best to be prepared for how cruel the world can actually be. What kind of tech security threats should you be on the lookout for? Here is a simple check-list in order to make sure you have everything in order, just in case.


Obvious as it might be, there should always be a secure password in use, and one that is changed every few weeks or months. You never know what information hackers can get a hold of out there, so frequently updating your passwords and making sure they are unique avoids the possibility of an outsider getting into your systems.


Encrypt your data so that it is never seen by anyone unwanted. Information is powerful, but if it is properly encrypted, only those with the right key are able to view the data. Make sure you take the precaution to do so so that nothing happens to your data that you regret down the road.

Updated Systems

Technology is constantly advancing, meaning that you should always stay up to date on your systems and anything technology related. There could be issues with older versions of the software you are using that can be exploited by outside sources, putting your files in harm’s way.


Viruses are manufactured to ruin entire computer systems, but not exactly with the ease Hollywood depicts. Viruses are a real threat to software and can be introduced in multiple ways, one of the most common being phishing. Strange emails should be avoided at all costs unless you want a string of problems to follow. Make sure your virus protection is up to date and nobody is doing anything that could endanger your systems.


They happen to the best of us, but they can be prevented with enough enforcement. Make sure there are a list of guidelines to follow and ways to correct mistakes is possible. Employees should always be on edge and should always be following the set guidelines strictly and consistently.


Employees can’t be expected to know everything offhand. They need training and reinforcement to make sure they understand what they are using and why it’s important. They need to know the intricacies to the systems they are working and all of the guidelines to follow to ensure they are doing everything within regulations.


There are already solid guidelines out there to make sure that you are in the confines of the law, all you have to do is follow and enforce them. Make sure everyone knows what the regulations are very clearly and make sure they are always followed. Staying in line with the law keeps you safe and your business even safer.