The “dark web” refers to online content that is not indexed by search engines. It’s also encrypted for browsing anonymity. You might have also heard it called the “dark net.”
The dark web is part of a bigger “deep web,” which refers to all sites not indexed by search engines.

The dark web can only be reached with special browsers like Tor Browser. Instead of taking the most direct route between your computer and the “deep” content you’re trying to reach, Tor uses a random path of encrypted servers. This is how users can connect to hidden content without any risk of their activity being tracked.
In other words, dark web browsers allow for anonymous browsing of hidden websites.

Why use the dark web?
Using the dark web provides the greatest privacy for users. Even using the Tor browser to access regular websites adds a layer of anonymity.
Many dark websites provide the same services and content you see across the rest of the web, but they do so from behind the shroud of “unfindability” (except by those they want to be found by.)

Anonymity is appealing to most of us, but in its early years, this anonymity of the dark web attracted criminals as a marketplace for drugs and stolen data.
Today, however, even someone trying to keep a medical condition private can benefit from the dark web. It’s a more common thing, especially with more of our data sold every day for advertising purposes.

4 Key Takeaways of the Dark Web
• The dark web is the smaller classification inside of the bigger classification called the deep web.
• Dark web content is both encrypted and not indexed by search engines.
• Special browsers like Tor are required to reach the dark web.
• The dark web can be used to help maintain privacy and allow people to freely express their views.

Thor on Tor
There was a guy named Thor who used Tor Browser. He was attracted to the dark web for its anonymous browsing, and he felt liberated to peruse website content without getting retargeted by creepy ads later.

Thor’s mother complained, “the dark web is where arms are traded and drugs are delt.”
Thor asked, “have you ever even been on the dark web?”
Indeed, Thor was able to benefit from the dark web in several ways.

When Valentine’s Day came, Thor thought, “what better way to look for gifts without my partner getting wise than to shop on the dark web?” He felt further vindicated by his choice to us Tor.
Thor found a deal on the dark web that advertised a discounted, temporary Netflix pass and a free pizza. He couldn’t have planned it better himself. Thor leapt at the chance to show his girlfriend a good time with some rest and relaxation over pizza.

As it turned out, Thor was actually suckered into a fake deal. The Netflix credentials had been stolen, and the owner had already changed her password.
Thor was only out a few bucks from the transaction, but he had no path to justice. This was even more damaging. The dark web had none of the standard consumer protections, and he had no way to prove that the transaction was fraud..

Worst of all, now Thor had to think of another Valentine’s Day gift.

Thor might have just lost a few bucks, but your business has a lot more to lose. The dark web has no purpose for most businesses today.

Unfettered dark web activity will expose your business to risk without any power to report or complain suspicious cases. Talk to us now to learn more about the dark web and to make the best call for your business.