Most of us remember the stereotype where the “computer nerd” was an unsavory sort of guy. The image was always a single male decked in glasses and pocket protectors. The computer-loving “did you try restarting it” caricature seeped deep into the business psyche for years.
But then, the 21st century happened. The smart phone, social networks, and the internet of things (IoT) positively took us to places unknown.
Nowadays, IT professionals are portrayed in a far more commendable way. Though still seen as “quirky,” society has also come to respect the technical know-how that IT professionals possess. As computational systems and networks have grown exponentially more complex, the skills that the “IT guy” brings to the table have become far more conspicuous.
So, why ask if you should fire your IT guy? Simple: IT needs have grown so much that many businesses realize their IT guy or gal can’t do it all.
To learn what comes next, let’s first look at what today’s IT professionals are usually responsible for.
What does the “IT guy” do?
IT professionals are generally segmented into two very large sub-disciplines:
1. Network systems admin

Network systems administrators and IT support are the classic problem solvers. These are the IT professionals responsible for keeping whole networks up-to-date. They’re usually the IT guys on staff at most businesses, too, managing everything from networks to the apps used on local machines.

Network systems admins are also responsible for user support, installation and configuration of operation systems, and network devices.

2. Programmers

The second broad category of “IT guys” are the programmers. Generally, businesses only have programmers on staff when they, themselves, are tech companies.
Do you need a network systems admin?
Ask yourself the following questions:
• Do you need quicker access to support issues these days?
• Is your business (or your reliance on tech) growing?
• Do you need more focused expertise on specific IT skillsets?
If you answered “yes” to any one (or more) of the questions above, the case can be made that you need to outsource your IT services. Specifically, you would benefit from managed services that address your specific needs.
That does not, however, mean it’s time to start preparing the termination paperwork for your internal IT guy.
In fact, your IT professional can stay on-board as a liaison to any outsourced IT service providers. Your company’s reliance on tech will only continue to grow, and it’s probably too much for your internal IT guy to chew on. There’s still full-time work, though, managing the other service providers who come in.
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