In our last newsletter, we introduced you to the dark web and provided a definition for the purposes and activities flourishing there. In this issue, we’d like to address the important of antivirus and keeping updates active from the server/cloud to all endpoints. If you’re not already utilizing an automated tool, chances are there could be potential problems lurking in your network.

Creating a safe browsing environment depends on several different factors including education on the do’s and don’ts of internet/email protocols, cyclical login/password modification to commonly visited sites and most importantly – great layered and segmented security for your networking environment. Implementing a rigorous antivirus solution means more than just warning you of a potential website that is missing an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) that encrypts traffic from one device to another.

Sophisticated antivirus protection has become a multi-faceted resource for users who have information stored on the deep web, which includes everyone. Whether you are accessing financial information, legal documents, or any private online information, you are already entrenched in the deep web. With this in mind, you need security tools that can address all the potential pitfalls they present.

Security features like the following can identify surreptitious predators:

• immediate notifications that a potential threat exists, prompting immediate diagnostics
• deep machine learning that can sense a bot attack and where its locus might exist
• rapid remediation techniques that alert our response team to a threat
• automated reporting for future learning and trend comparisons

If you are not set-up with one or more of these heightened security features, TimbukTech can be your resource for navigating the world of deep/dark web environments. We work with you to provide a full-scale, turnkey solution for the best possible outcomes in your fight for private information protection for your business and your clients.