How TimbukTech Saved My Business
If any of you were fans of the hit ABC show “Lost,” you’ll remember how the production stretched the definitions of multiple genres. It stretched the limits of script writing, too.
“Lost” was a show full of surprises, to say the least. One particularly unexpected surprise was how the show evolved over time.
For instance, the first few seasons were defined by the compelling and symbolic character-specific flashbacks, some of which took up half the airtime of an episode. Several seasons in, however, the writers started playing with flashes forward.
If you saw a flashforward of your business right now, what would that reveal? What if you saw that your brand had lost credibility with clients thanks to a major data breach? Or what if some unprecedented crisis hit (like, oh, a pandemic), and after 14 months of downtime you had to shut your business down for good?
These would be depressing things to see. At the same time, we know something equally challenging will probably happen to every business at some point. What that will be or when it will happen remains as mysterious as Hydra Island, but the power to mitigate the inevitable still rests with you.
Today, we’ll be diving into three ways that TimbukTech protects businesses for whatever comes their way.
Who knows? Maybe in that next flashforward you’ll be saying instead, “that’s how TimbukTech saved my business.”
1. Business Continuity: Business downtime is bad for everyone. Productivity plumets along with revenue and budget, employee performance comes to a screeching halt, and we’re left picking up the pieces of client relationships. TimbukTech works with your business to write out and implement strategies that reduce downtime.
2. Computer and Network Security: Your staff make up your first line of defense against cyber threats, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a robust backend that keeps everyone safer with less room for human error. We deploy multi-layered security solutions to protect the integrity of your computers and network while also educating your staff. We pay special attention to mobile device security, which has become far more important in the last year.
3. Security Vulnerability Assessments: We also provide security assessments to tell you where your vulnerabilities are so you can focus resources where it counts.
Starting with a security vulnerability assessment and then rolling out a plan will give you major operational advantages—from business continuity to greater staff confidence in the systems you have in place.
The world of tech is fast moving and threats like Malware and data hackers are always a step ahead. Take two steps forward now and you’ll protect your business now and into the future.