A line-of-business (LoB) app is custom to your business or organization. These can be made available on the Microsoft Store for all users within your business to easily download.

The biggest advantage of LoB apps, of course, is that they’re internal and completely specific to your needs. Perhaps the optimizations you need are related to the size of your organization, or the structure of it. Or perhaps you just can’t find the app you need for your industry or market.

Keeping LoB apps updated on the backend is the responsibility of the developers who developed them. Whether that’s a third-party team you hired or your own internal programmers, there will be ongoing maintenance and bug fixes they do.

As soon as any changes are made to the source code, though, the app needs to be updated on every computer and device it’s been downloaded to. Here’s how.

Keeping LOB Software Updated

Keeping Windows OS apps updated is easy because they’re built into the bigger Windows updates. For LoB apps or any other third-party software, though, updating isn’t as easy. And it certainly isn’t automatic.

One fail-safe option that will ensure you have the most recent versions of LoB apps is to work with our team to configure a plan to have consistent processes that check all third-party software to ensure every aspect of your business software is being updated.
Third-party platforms have their own due diligence when it comes to fixing bugs, yet businesses must always be aware of when new updates are made, to integrate the changes in order to stay current with fixes that have been instituted.

Users from across the industry are constantly submitting trouble tickets and ideas, probably just like you have in the past, and it is important that you take advantage of the most recent, most secure option that your software has available.

LoB software platforms have tech teams strategizing how to keep the software current in order to keep your business, however the latest bug fixes are only as good as the implementation you have on your network and your user devices.

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