Protecting Your Communities with Reliable IT

From booking criminals and filling out paperwork to signing contracts and passing regulations, your law enforcement or local government entity has a duty to protect the local communities. Part of protecting the community also includes protecting confidential criminal data from falling into the wrong hands. You need a secure network and data encryption technology solution to protect sensitive information – like fingerprints and criminal backgrounds.


We’ll help you meet CJIS compliance by implementing a multi-layered security solution to keep your community safe. Whether you’re looking to streamline your procedures or reduce your risk of cyber threats, our local government IT support gives you the tools and resources you need to provide a better experience to the community. As your business partner for success, TimbukTech monitors, maintains and manages your technology solutions to reinforce your team and optimize your organization.

How Can IT for Law Enforcement Help You?

Improve your bottom line

You’re constantly facing strict budgets and decreasing funds. Our reliable IT support comes with an easy-to-plan price that helps you stick to a budget and improve your bottom line.

Plan for the future

Security solutions aren’t something you can set and forget. We’ll help you meet compliance regulations right now, this year, then work with you to meet standards for the years to come.

Streamline workflow and processes

Your organization isn’t known for their streamlined operations. We’ll help optimize your workflow and improve productivity with solutions that promote business continuity.

Uphold the law while enforcing the law – we’ll help you meet compliance and industry standards.

Looking for Common Solutions Used by Law Enforcement?