Generating Business Growth and Meeting Compliance

Whether you’re a small boutique or a larger department store, your customers take a risk when they swipe their debit or credit card. Are you doing everything in your power to prevent their confidential information from being stolen? Failing to protect your customers can result in hefty noncompliance fines – and that’s not to mention the loss of credibility and brand damage. Do you have the technology solutions it takes to minimize security risks and generate revenue?

TimbukTech helps you protect your customers’ confidential data and optimizes your business workflow to improve ROI and boost productivity. We understand that meeting PCI compliance and providing the best experience to your customers is key to success. That’s why we analyze your current systems and close the gaps in your security to prevent breaches and other cyber crimes. Plus, we’ll encrypt your customers’ confidential data to add a layer of protection to your defenses.

How Can IT for Retail Help You?

Maintain POS systems

Part of managing your system requires updating your technology. We’ll proactively monitor, maintain and manage your IT so you can spend more time helping your customers.

Avoid noncompliance fines

80% of businesses that receive noncompliance fines close their doors within two years. We help you avoid becoming a statistic by protecting your customers’ confidential data.

Gain 24/7 support

It’s inevitable that your technology will fail. Our 24/7 help desk support ensures that your downtime is reduced to minutes – instead of hours – so you can provide a better customer experience.

Don’t get sidetracked from helping customers by your unreliable IT. We’ll streamline your systems.

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