Imagine yourself as a paying customer, walking into a restaurant for a meal. They sit you down, you order the meal and are informed that it will take a day or more to process the meal order. You, quite frustrated at this negligence, leave. Two days later at work, you receive a call from the restaurant to talk about the meal you ordered and the specifications of it. If this scenario sounds frustrating, then you can imagine what it feels like when IT takes a long time to get back to you. For a business based in technology to stay active, it needs an active IT response time. We’ll run through some points to help drive this home and see if you don’t agree.

When you pay for a service, you imagine it to be fast, reliable, and affordable. If problems appear, you look to incident response workers to handle the issue. In a technology infused business, IT handles all the ins and outs of the electronic side of things, so when they fail to respond quickly, you get frustrated. However, frustration could be the least of your worries. Their hold up could mean a loss in revenue as clients take their business elsewhere as IT slogs through the details. You just lost quite a sum of income because a server crashed and IT dragged their heels. IT needs to be on top of problems as soon as they strike and assure you and the customer that everything will be finished soon. It’s critical, for business continuity, that no incident brings the enterprise to a grinding halt.

The most important thing is clarity. Just saying soon isn’t enough, especially when it is said multiple times in succession. The problem needs to be addressed, explained, and the steps they will or are currently taking need to be highlighted as well. This way, you and the clients are able to better understand the issue at hand. People are more likely to wait when given the details because they understand the stress and work involved. This isn’t always the case, mind you, but it could save your business flak in the future.

Finally, you need to support IT as much as you can. This may sound obvious, but many businesses take IT for granted. They can’t work miracles with next to nothing. They need time to figure out and fix the problem, resources to do so, and manpower to make things go faster. If any of these is lacking, the job becomes much more of a chore. Time is tough since in business, time is money. But expecting a server to be rebooted during a power outage within two hours is a bit much to ask for. Whether it be attempted hacking, server crashes, power outages, or anything similar, IT needs to act fast to help the business look responsible and reliable. They also need as much help and support as you the business can offer them so that everyone’s work goes smoothly.