Restricting Access to Confidential Data

Thousands of people everyday visit banks – from making deposits to transferring money to requesting loans. You value their business, and in return, they trust you with their most personal information. That’s why failing to meet GLBA compliance results in fines up to $100,000 and the risk of imprisonment. You have a duty to protect your customers’ confidential information as well as keep their money safe – are you confident that you’re able to do that while meeting compliance standards? Are you willing to bet your freedom on it? Don’t leave compliance up to chance – there’s a better way.

TimbukTech helps you meet financial regulations like GLBA and SOX compliance. We understand the importance of keeping your customers’ private banking numbers and personal information safe – which is why we begin by assessing your current vulnerabilities and suggesting services to help close the gaps in your security and bring your business up to standards. We’ll train your team on industry best practices to strengthen your first line of defense. Plus, we’ll restrict access to crucial data and encrypt it – so your customers can bank with you in confidence.

What Can Bank Compliance Do for You?

Gain a free assessment

Part of keeping your systems protected requires knowing your current status. We provide an assessment to identify your pain points and suggest which areas to address first.

Eliminate the risk of fines

Noncompliance fines can be a business killer. To help your business grow and keep your doors open longer, we’ll help you meet compliance standards even as regulations change.

Strengthen your reputation

As more banks fall victim to breaches, you gain a unique opportunity. We’ll help you take advantage of that opportunity by reinforcing your security strategies and building credibility.

Don’t leave compliance in the hands of physical security. We’ll protect your data from the inside.

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