Prohibiting Unauthorized Users

Whether you’re working in a small clinic or a large medical facility, your day is filled with a lot of moving parts – from doctors and nurses to filing and collecting patients’ paperwork. You have enough concerns without having to worry about unauthorized users gaining access to your patients’ confidential information. But, failing to recognize those vulnerabilities comes with a cost. In fact, HIPAA violations can result in fines of $100 to $100,000 per incident – for a total of up to $1.5 million per year for the same type of violation. Is your practice prepared to take that kind of financial hit?

Our HIPAA compliance services keep your healthcare or medical practice in check by providing you the tools and resources you need to protect your patients’ confidential information and meet ever-changing HIPAA regulations. We’ll assess your current systems to pinpoint the gaps in your security, implement solutions for closing them and test your IT post-deployment to ensure everything is working correctly. We’ll restrict access to confidential data to prevent unauthorized users or disgruntled employees from exploiting your patients or damaging your crucial files. Plus, we’ll train your team to identify threats so you can stop breaches before they occur.

What Can HIPAA Compliance Do for You?

Generate real-time reports

How do you know where to improve your security to meet regulations? We’ll quickly assess your current system and create an audit of your vulnerabilities and how to fix them.

Train your team

Your employees are your first line of defense in protecting patient information. That’s why we begin by training your team on how to recognize threats, minimize risks and keep your data safe.

Develop patients’ trust

Your patients depend on you to make them feel better and keep their personal data protected. We’ll help you keep that promise by strengthening your defenses and limiting access.

Your patients trust you to take care of them – we’ll take care of your IT.

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