Protecting Your Financial Information

Debit cards are the number one form of payment, but they’re also the riskiest when compared with credit cards. From consumer to register, how do you ensure that your customers’ debit and credit card information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands? Failing to protect your customers’ confidential information has expensive consequences – including fines of $5,000 to $500,000 per incident. Can your business afford the financial burden? Whether you’re working in retail or own a small business, you need to meet PCI compliance standards and continue to meet regulations even as they change.

TimbukTech makes meeting PCI compliance easier by assessing your current POS systems and other security solutions, then deploying services to minimize your vulnerabilities. We’ll help you identify your security risks, restrict access to stored data and train your team on industry best practices. We understand that compliance standards adapt and change over time, which is why we stay updated on the regulations and implement solutions designed to help you meet compliance – every time. Regardless of your industry, we’ll keep your customers’ confidential data safe so you can build a trusted brand.

What Can PCI Compliance Do for You?

Monitor systems 24/7

Preventing breaches requires a proactive approach. We monitor your systems 24/7 to track sudden changes and prevent cyber threats – often before you know they exist.

Generate real-time reports

Avoiding fines is easier when you know the status of your systems. We record your activity and generate real-time reports to identify vulnerabilities and help you close gaps.

Train your team

Protecting your customers’ confidential data starts with your team. We train your team on best practices to help them prevent unauthorized user access and recognize threats to your systems.

Is your business one small breach from closing its doors? We’ll help you avoid noncompliance fines to keep your doors open longer.

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