Increasing Your Uptime and Productivity

As technology advances, cyber criminals are constantly developing new techniques to breach your systems. From ransomware and other malware to phishing emails and viruses, failing to prevent cyber attacks results in damaged credibility, extended downtime and – most importantly – significant data loss. That’s not to mention the revenue opportunities lost during downtime. Is your business prepared to take that kind of hit? How does your current backup function? Can you restore a full server quickly or just individual files? How far back can you recover? You need a solution in place that prevents breaches and the risks associated with them.

TimbukTech provides RapidRecovery and a full-service business continuity plan for efficient recovery of your lost files and confidential data. With our recovery servers and routine backups that occur every 30 minutes, we’ll store your crucial data on-site and off-site to ensure your information is quickly recovered and protected. Plus, we retain data for 120 days – meaning if you need a file version from 2:00 pm, on the second Friday of last month, we’re one quick phone call away from providing it to you. Each backup is encrypted to keep your data protected from cyber criminals and other threats. As cyber criminals adapt and become smarter, we’ll continuously test your system to ensure you’re always safe.

What Can Business Continuity Do for You?

Meet compliance standards

Noncompliance fines are more detrimental to your business than the revenue you lose during downtime. By securing your data, we’ll help you meet regulations – every time.

Test systems daily

Most companies set up processes and then forget about them. But, we’re not most companies – we test your systems daily to ensure your backup and recovery process works flawlessly.

Build brand credibility

Breaches and downtime are damaging to your reputation. By implementing our business continuity plan, we’ll help you minimize data loss and build a brand that your customers trust.

How long does your downtime last? We’ll turn those hours into minutes.