Strengthening Your System’s Defenses

The key to your business’s defenses starts with your computer and network – from updating your firewall protection to installing the latest anti-virus and anti-malware programs. Cyber attacks can occur through your email, malicious links online or hackers attempting to penetrate your defenses. You need a multi-layered security solution designed to anticipate and prevent any number of threats to your systems. So, are your computers and network prepared? Firewalls won’t stop every threat – do you have more security procedures in place? When is the last time you updated or tested your security solutions?

We’ll help you confidently answer these questions and more with our computer and network security services. TimbukTech’s approach begins by analyzing your current systems and pinpointing vulnerabilities, then determines where your defenses could be rebuilt or strengthened. We update and maintain your firewalls, anti-virus, anti-malware and other security software to keep your business protected from every angle. By proactively testing and securing your IT solutions, we’ll locate pain points and resolve them before your systems become compromised.

What Can Computer & Network Security Do for You?

Gain 24/7 support

Timing is everything when it comes to protecting your technologies. We provide 24/7 help desk support to answer questions, resolve problems and test your systems at any time, any day.

Minimize maintenance costs

Are you saving money on security just to spend more on maintenance? Our managed services provide proactive, comprehensive support and maintenance to reduce spending.

Test security solutions

It’s not enough to deploy security solutions. We’ll monitor and test your multi-layered security services post-deployment to ensure your business and confidential data are always safe.

Don’t count on your firewall to be your only defense against threats. Let’s implement a multi-layered solution.