Analyzing Your Security and Closing Gaps

You know the status of your IT solutions when they’re first deployed, but how well are your solutions working after five months? A year? Three years? If you’re not actively testing or monitoring your systems, then it’s hard to tell what you could be missing. Have gaps in your defenses begun to expand? Have your systems already been breached without your knowledge? You need to assess your security services, pinpoint any problems that have occurred since deployment, close gaps and ensure your confidential data is safe from unauthorized users.

TimbukTech helps you get started with our network security and vulnerability assessment. We place value on seeing your solutions end-to-end, which is why we begin our partnership by offering a free IT assessment to analyze your current systems and identify security vulnerabilities. From our analysis, we’ll create a one-page report of our findings – including suggested solutions that we think you could use to generate growth and improve your business. From listening to your challenges and understanding your goals to implementing new services, we’ll continue to monitor and test your systems post-deployment to ensure your business stays protected.

What Can a Network Security & Vulnerability Assessment Do for You?

Generate real-time reports

The status of your infrastructure can change at any moment. We provide an updated, easy-to-read audit of your current activity and where your system needs improvement.

Close gaps in your defenses

Holes in your security provide the perfect opportunity for cyber threats to sneak in. We pinpoint those problems, close them and implement solutions to prevent them in the future.

Prioritize risks

You’ve created a list of problem areas – great, now what? Our assessment catalogs your risks and lists them by priority, so you can tackle the biggest and most damaging problems first.

Is your security system already compromised? Don’t leave your business to chance – let’s find out.