Lowering the Cost of Your Servers

Whether you’re attempting to maintain an outdated system or looking to expand and procure new technologies, hosting your solutions isn’t just time-consuming – it’s expensive. From monitoring your servers, network, computers and other tech solutions to updating, maintaining and securing them, operating costs control your ability to manage your IT. You need a budget-conscious solution that helps optimize your business without overspending – but the idea of outsourcing makes you skeptical and a little wary. What are your other options?

TimbukTech alleviates your operating costs with our virtual server hosting services. Whether you’re looking for someone to host all of your technology services or you’re looking to co-host, we’ll manage your servers, network, computers, email and more. Our temperature-controlled environment and industry expertise help keep your servers protected and running at peak condition. Plus, our experts have decades of experience migrating, monitoring and managing your systems – so you’ll never worry about extended downtime or unexpected costs.

What Can Hosting Services Do for You?

Encrypt confidential data

It’s not enough to keep your technology locked away. Using encryption software, we prevent unauthorized users from seeing your private business or customer information.

Expand storage space

Limited storage capacity doesn’t just make it difficult to save – it lags your entire system. We increase your storage space by hosting additional servers without the extra costs.

Maximize business continuity

Outdated technology increases your chances of downtime and breaches. We’ll keep your hosted technology solutions running at peak condition to enhance your uptime.

Outsourcing isn’t your only option. See how a managed service provider hosts your solutions.