Maintaining Your Technology Solutions

From lagging servers and overflowing storage space to intermittent Wi-Fi connectivity and the terrifying blue screen of death, your technology solutions can – and will – fail. But, when you experience downtime and for how long relies on your IT professionals. Whether you’re looking for someone to repair your computers or your applications aren’t working correctly, you need experts that can provide proactive or on-demand support for your servers, network, computers, routers, switches and other technology devices without jacking up the price for on-site visits.

By managing your technology solutions, TimbukTech provides proactive and reliable technical support when you need it most. From your minor connectivity and printer issues to your significant file loss and network breaches, our IT experts offer on-demand remote or on-site support to help get your team back on track. Our computer maintenance services manage your day-to-day issues while our remote support team monitors your systems and identifies problems – often before you know they exist. While reactive responses lead to more downtime and loss in productivity, our technical services ensure your team gains the support they need to generate growth and turn their to-dos into to-dones.

What Can Technical Services Do for You?

Extend technology life

Once you procure a piece of technology, its lifecycle begins. We regularly update, maintain and manage your technology to minimize problems and extend its usage.

Gain on-demand support

Problems with your technology aren’t usually planned. That’s why we provide 24/7 help desk and proactive on-site or remote support to get your technology back in working condition.

Integrate hardware and software

Deploying and testing your systems is a tedious and time-consuming process. We minimize your installation wait times and provide a seamless integration experience.

Does your technology have its own support team? We’ll keep your IT running right.