Microsoft Teams is a collaboration app connecting your team, your students, your club – whatever group of people you wish to connect one another in an online setting. Your group must utilize Office 365 to access this app and can access this feature at This app is customizable to include targeted members of your team as they relate to projects in your business. Pivots allow you to set up channels within a project for further targeted management. For example, if your marketing team has several campaigns they are working on simultaneously, these campaigns can be set up within teams under the general heading and then targeted specifically to only those staff members who are on the particular project. Then the conversation can begin.


Teams allows just that group of people to have access to the communication trail for that channel. Teams can chat with one another, create chats within chats for further targeted communication and team members can invite one another to join groups as they become involved with various projects as the project evolves.  Teams can share files, upload videos/images/audio or any rich media to share with the group. Teams can update files in real-time allowing for work efficiencies and access to the latest information for the entire group.


Each section of the app allows you to customize how you view your dashboard and only present the relevant information and set notifications for the way you want information to come into your dashboard. You can communicate with one or more individuals at a time within the team and have targeted communications with those teammates as well. Your Outlook calendar is synced with Teams and you can invite teammates to meetings and include presentations related to just that meeting’s agenda and have it saved in one place.


Video conferencing is also a feature of Microsoft Teams and has a white board feature for collaboration and brainstorming that is saved as a part of that meeting’s directory. Having direct access to the specific targeted team gains efficiencies and quicker turn around time for deadlines. While the video conference is running, you can chat within teams as well, allowing for greater communication capabilities and saves time for having to follow-up on a to-do list after a meeting – it can all be accomplished inside one meeting.


You can customize the app for desktop, web or mobile use and can also bring in third party apps to run within teams for further organization. For example, if you were utilizing the organization project application Trello, or video conferencing Zoom, these can be integrated into the Microsoft Teams app. TimbukTech offers setup and installation of Office 365 and Microsoft Teams – let our expertise bring you and your team forward with technology knowledge that sets your team apart and prepares you for the future. With these tools at the ready, your organization has the capability to achieve a higher level of performance than ever before – empowering technology and human potential together for advanced communication!