Keeping a local government running isn’t an easy task, as anyone can imagine. Multiple facets make up its unique structure, meaning that any small cracks can cause a mess down the road if not handled properly. From infrastructure to emergency dispatch, local governments handle many things that we as citizens take for granted. IT support is incredibly important to maintaining these faculties, but somewhere amidst the haze of information, it may have dropped in priority over other, similarly important matters. However, to properly maintain and improve local systems, proper IT support needs to be in place to help pave the way for simplicity and progress in the future, and this is where TimbukTech can help.

TimbukTech works with local government agencies across Illinois. The following case study is just one example of what TimbukTech can do to alleviate tech challenges for local governments. TimbukTech designed and implemented redundant systems for a local government client’s emergency communications dispatch. A vital public service, citizens count on the 24/7 availability of 911 for emergencies. TimbukTech was able to put together a plan where an entire 911 dispatch location has the ability to failover to a geographically diverse location and keep emergency communications up and running. We make it our priority to help make your life easier. Not everything is going to go smoothly, but that doesn’t mean you need to constantly struggle.

I’m sure you can imagine any scenario where IT could affect a local government in some detrimental way. From water and electrical to transportation and construction, IT is a requirement to make any of these possible in the long term. With the help of TimbukTech, these systems can be managed and regulated with ease compared to attempting it yourself. With multiple contingency plans in case of disaster, professionals trained to handle any and all issues, and a desire and drive to exceed your expectations, you will never be dissatisfied with our service. If you ever need help with an IT decision, we can advise you on the best possible strategy to take as things progress so that you have the simplest and most beneficial time. We also improve your technology across the board so that you are always ahead of the game, no matter the situation. If you want to ensure you are always ahead and protected from any threat, TimbukTech is your best bet at a solid IT support plan for the future.