h ere are types of technology your business can’t go without:

Technology has become the lifeblood of many different companies, but every company has different uses or preferences for what technology they should use. That being said, there are a few constants that you will find in just about every single business the world over. While these are just a small sample of great technology that can help your business everyday, these are the most common and most necessary. Here are types of technology your business can’t go without:


This one might sound obvious but some people don’t realize the massive impact phones have on a business, internally or externally. You use them to take and make calls with clients, other employees, other businesses, for meetings, to hold voicemails, the list goes on and on. Running a business without a phone is like trying to drive a car without any windows or mirrors. It’s possible, but will be incredibly difficult and potentially harmful to you and anyone in the car with you.

Mobile Websites

Mobile phones are becoming more and more complex and now are able to do a variety of things that was only dreamed of 15 years ago. Your business website should be mobile friendly so that anyone, anywhere can go to the site and find out exactly what they need to at the touch of a finger. Most sites today are already partially or fully mobile compatible, so making sure yours is as well is simply going with the norm.

Mobile App

This one is less common than the previous point but no less important. An app makes your business so much easier to contact or access from a client’s point of view. Instead of pulling up a webpage and searching for what they need, they can simply pull up the app and find what they are looking for with much more ease. This depends on the business you are a part of but most businesses out there can benefit from a mobile app.


Returning to the physical, office technology, no company is complete without the ever handy printer. This state of the art paper processing machine can keep everyone informed with memos, charts, so on and so forth. Despite the rise of technology and the use of online forms of information storage, the physical copy is just as important and in some cases much safer to keep than online.


You need an email just as badly as you need a phone when it comes to business. This is the fastest way to get a hold of someone besides calling them and every conversation sent can be stored so that you don’t accidently forget. Some email services come with extra features and that is entirely up to you whether you want an all in one email or not, but at the bare minimum you need some way of direct contact with suppliers, customers, and employees that isn’t as personal as a phone, and this is where the email shines.

Online Data Storage

You need a server to keep things up and running all the time for your business but in some instances it is tough to find the right service provider. There are numerous companies that will help you host your data on their servers or rent servers out to you and should things get messy, step in to help you recover data if any was lost. You will go through a surprising amount of data over the course of just a few months so the better the server/provider, the more money you are saving the in the long run.