What’s the big deal if you don’t have business continuity? It’s not going to kill your business is it? Of course it won’t, but there could be ramifications to not using it. There are a lot of things at stake in a business, and this may seem like just a small portion of it, but even small things have big consequences. These are just the two big kickers.

Your business runs on money. Money is the lifeblood of the business world, but there is always the off chance that something could happen that would jeopardize your job and everything in it. Accidents happen all the time, some more dangerous to your business than others. so you need to be prepared. Using a normal backup system could save you time and resources after disaster strikes, but there will still be losses in revenue and files. A traditional backup just can’t account for the sheer volume of data that you store to keep things running. Important files, emails, charts, you name it, it’s in there. A business continuity plan does what a normal backup can’t. All of your information is stored off site, so nothing is compromised if things go south. Files are backed up every 30 minutes to make sure that you don’t lose anything important. Your files and information are the fuel of the company. If the fuel runs out or gets corrupted, the whole system shuts down. If the system shuts down, you lose money. Save yourself the hassle and make sure you have everything safely squared away so that when disaster does strike, you’re prepared for the worst of it.

On a similar note, you get money through clients hearing about your business and coming to you for services. But when something goes wrong and you are unable to help them out, what happens to business? Word of mouth travels quickly and as cruel as it sounds, your clients won’t be so forgiving after an accident. They expect you to be on your toes, ready for anything. That’s what they pay you for after all. If your business has to shut down due to you needing a new server or losing a lot of information due to a traditional backup, you don’t just lose money, you lose credibility. Your reputation precedes you. If you want people to keep showing up, you need to show them that you can be dependable even after things get rough. People remember when a business gets through a tough time by itself and still manages to do its job. You can keep people coming back and spreading the word, just by using a business continuity plan.