A bank is centered around the protection of others money, but how can your bank protect its own money? Technology has evolved to the point that we are able to better prepare for trouble in the future with secure backups. Losing data can mean losing money from anywhere in the thousands to the millions. Traditional backup services will ensure safe data from the past few weeks at best, but we offer an even better solution. TimbukTech offers business continuity plans for banks.

Business continuity is a form of data backup that kicks in when the going gets rough. With our experience in the field, no disaster is too great a task for us. Should something happen to your bank’s systems, we will be there to help you recover from what could be the worst time of your life. It feels terrible when something tragic happens that is out of your control, but with TimbukTech’s business continuity, it doesn’t have to be out of control. With business continuity, your data is safe with us. Where traditional data backup systems would offer you data recovery from the past few weeks, and maybe not even all of it, business continuity offers data backup every 30 minutes so that nothing gets left behind. This covers everything from the past 120 days at 30 minute intervals, all encrypted and saved to our servers, which operate under strict compliance standards. If your servers fail, we can get you back on track with a recovery server, and if things get really tough and you can’t host your own server, it can be operated through our datacenter until everything is up and running.

As you can see, we have a contingency plan for our contingency plans. With plenty of backup scenarios behind the initial failsafe, we can assure you that your data is safe with us. A bank is a business that can’t afford to be down for very long when it comes to a technical issue. You have a reputation of reliability to uphold after all and you can’t let a technical slip up or force of nature keep you down for too long. We want to help you be as successful and reliable as possible, and that starts with data protection. Work with us so that nothing like that ever has to happen and you can keep working through any eventuality that could come in the future.