Top 3 Malware Facts to Get Your 2021 Game Plan of Action

1. Even with more training than ever before, business-disrupting ransomware attacks nearly doubled in 2020. Hackers are getting savvy to the remediation techniques and barraging ransomware artillery at every turn.
2. The number of malware sites is at its lowest point since 2007. So, you’re fine right? WRONG! At the same time, we’re now dealing with an alarming increase in phishing sites. These sites are attempting to trick you into entering your passwords, credit card numbers, etc. The attempts are never thwarted, they just morph into a new form and appearance to mislead and present a false sense of awareness that the threats have been mitigated.
3. SonicWall identified 439,854 “never-seen-before” malware variants. Although less malware was detected in 2019 versus 2018, a larger portion of the malware detected, presented itself in a new form and strain. There were 12.3% more new variants detected in 2019.

These statistics present a world in which the culprits of criminal cyber hacking show their true colors. When poked, they may appear to back off, however they just morph into a new predicament that can exhaust a novice opponent. At TimbukTech, we are not scared of these attempts, they are in our line of fire daily and we have tools and experience to fight them. Your business will benefit from our engineers and technicians who have the experience, education, and wherewithal to keep your business safe.

So how do avoid ransomware and attacks? Call TimbukTech today, we can arm you with training, firewalls, anti-malware software and systems, and a proactive, managed approach to your security.