Top 3 New Updates to Microsoft 365

1. Name change. Office 365 has changed its overall naming conventions to Microsoft 365 to make the product and service offerings less confusing. Office will remain a core offering yet it has expanded in the last few years to include applications that relate to the cloud environment that go beyond the original Office definition, so in a nutshell, removing Office from the digital offerings name creates less havoc when picking the package that is best for your individual needs. Microsoft Office Business Premium packages continue to offer information security with data transfers, adaptability with personal devices in the business environment, and the same great tools to customize your dashboards and preferences.
2. Microsoft Teams. Check out the latest updates to Microsoft Teams that includes the ability to access applications within the Teams platform, allowing for streamlining of information into a single user interface and less back and forth toggling between various software applications. Teams has also introduced different backgrounds like the Parthenon, a classroom, a conference room, etc. to create a distraction from online meeting fatigue.
3. Throughout 2021, Microsoft will be revamping their suite subscription services of open licensing and moving toward a perpetual, pay once and done platform. Some changes will depend on the number of seats you require and TimbukTech will assist you in deciding what plan works best for you.
2020 was definitely a novel year with many opportunities to try working in a new way. TimbukTech saw many clients reaching out to fulfill business that could adapt with the pandemic and allow users to work from home and increase mobility. 2021 is headed in the same direction toward fresh new ways of looking at business models and being prepared to adapt. We are ready to help you and your business exceed expectations – Call the TimbukTech Sales Team today!