VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone systems have evolved from a take-it-or-leave-it option of the past to a can’t-live-without function of the 21st century. With the world moving and changing at record speed, your business needs the functionality to adapt quickly to the fluctuating environment. Analog phone systems do not offer the scalability and remote options available with VoIP and can end up costing more money in the long run. With analog lines, you only get the line, the phone service itself, nothing more. In today’s economy, you need more than just a static service; you need to dynamic service options that move with your business and your clients. Paying per lines instead of per user is more expensive when you compare the overall benefits and packages of a VoIP system and versatility.


Your team demands accessibility to the workplace, even when they are not at their desk. Remote workers or staff who are in the field can benefit from a mobile twinning. This feature allows their cell phone to function in the same manner as if they were sitting at their desk. They can take a call in their car, get back to the office and go to their desk and pick up the call and act as if they had been at their desk the entire call, or vice versa – take the call at the desk and then place it on hold and pick it up from a mobile device, all the while the client is taken care of. Taking calls in the field and being able to transfer a call back to the office to get the customer taken care of is a win-win for both parties and allows for efficiencies beyond measure. This cuts down on down-time and wasted calls back and forth between everyone. Getting the client straight to the right person shows the client you are driven to take care of them and will not waste your time.


Having to call a carrier for a phone system change is a thing of the past. No one has the time to wait on hold for this when VoIP allows you to customize changes at your fingertips. Your system has a portal or NOC that manages the protocols for each user and can easily be scaled to make changes for holidays, staff on vacation, etc. Hunt groups can be created to stipulate a certain direction the call should flow through as it rings through your organization. For example: A call that comes into your organization meant for the sales team can be programmed to start with Sally and Joe, the customer support team to ring three times, then if they don’t answer, on to Peggy and Bob, the inside sales team with two rings, and then the entire customer support call center so that someone gets the call instead of it going into a voicemail no-mans-land because Sally forgot to set her voicemail up for being out on vacation. This is just one example of how VoIP can target great customer service and silo specific criteria for incoming calls. With VoIP, you have the power to make these changes yourself and remedy problems immediately for every department in your business! TimbukTech will assist you in training or we can make the changes for you – versatility and effectiveness simultaneously.


What about Moves-Adds-Changes (MAC)? When new staff are hired or turnover occurs, wouldn’t it be great to add/change the network and program their hunt group to your specific liking? Analog phone lines do not have this functionality and with the way everything moves these days, you need faster options that move with the pace of your business. Each user has their own portal to access call logs/analytics, caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, voicemail forwarding, conference calling, visual voicemail, text transcription, and CRM integration etc. in order to have more usability to get the client taken care of faster. Especially in this latest environment where almost everyone has had to work from home, this option creates a flexible advantage for your team to function from anywhere. The end user does not need to know where you are because it functions as if you were in the office. This feature can allow you to create new work opportunities for your staff to function from any location, giving them unlimited capabilities for work and time with family. What if a staff member asked you to travel to Colorado for two weeks, they worked during the day and then had time with friends and family at night? You just became the office hero!


Whether your VoIP system is on premises or hosted, TimbukTech has the experience and know-how to set you up immediately!