The Internet of Things (or “IoT”) is the network of interconnected devices, machines, objects and even people that has impacted our everyday life. Each “thing” uses a unique identifier to transfer data over a network without any human or computer interaction.
If that sounds rather “future-y,” it is. Every expert in IoT today insists that we’re only at the dawn of this incredible stage of technology.
From heart monitor implants to farm animals biochipped with transponders, it might still be the dawn, but the IoT has already had a huge impact on both consumer and business life.
Businesses, in particular, are using more IoT to operate more effectively. The IoT has also enabled them to better understand feedback and improve their decision-making.
Now, let’s embark on the story of what the IoT could mean for your organization.
Business Benefits of the IoT
The IoT offers countless benefits in business. Some of the most noteworthy include:
• More easily monitoring business processes
• Working more efficiently
• Working more remotely
• Improving the customer experience with greater feedback
• Enhancing staff productivity
• Rendering business models more agile
• Making more informed business decisions
Privacy Concerns
All good things come with some risk. In the case of the IoT, that risk comes in the form of serious privacy vulnerabilities.
Because the IoT connects devices, that creates limitless data points that all have to be secured to protect a business. Any one of those points could be compromised. As the use of IoT expands, therefore, that also expands the attack surface to hack into your company data.
All a hacker has to do is exploit one vulnerability to manipulate huge quantities of data.
Because many IoT devices regularly ask users to input personal data (like login credentials), this opens the IoT even more to potential phishing hacks. These are very real concerns that business owners must consider with the rollout of any new IoT-connected devices.
What’s a company to do?
Ask yourself: what story will you be telling people of your business in five years?
• Will you be telling the story of how more gadgets entered the workplace until your data was eventually compromised?
• Will you be telling the cautionary tale of why you avoided IoT technology altogether?
• Or will you be telling the story of how the IoT was adopted into your organization but with the necessary security checks, giving your business solid footing to rocket into efficiencies you had never before imagined?
The age of the IoT is here. You can start protecting yourself today by securing the technology you already use. Start with gaining better privacy on mobile devices, and then securing other devices and gadgets.
Finally, call us for a custom look at the IoT and optimal security protocol at your organization.