The dark web is source for users who want to be able to communicate without having their identity known. There are a variety of activities that occur on the dark web that range from illicit and illegal to protected sites that serve as safe spaces for whistleblowers to remain anonymous. The dark web, as indicated by the name, can serve as a place where users can buy information, contraband, and carry out other nefarious activities.

Criminals can buy usernames and passwords, credit card information, bank accounts, social security numbers, etc. – all leading to a network of what should be private and protected information that could belong to you, your family, your co-worker, your company or anyone that has been an unknowing victim of cyber activity. This underground network can destroy and damage lives and wreak havoc for your company and cause weeks of business interruption if a ransomware attack is engaged.

The users move their connecting information through various encrypted servers and networks, undetectable by most policing agencies. Authorities are gaining momentum and catching some felonious groups and individuals, yet that prompts others to close-up shop and start another illegitimate organization elsewhere – they just keep moving and changing information to avoid capture.

TimbukTech offers a deep web scan that can identify if your network has been or is vulnerable to attacks by cyber criminals who will sell your private information to the highest bidder. Part of staying proactive in your network is taking the time to understand who might be lingering silently in the background, just waiting for a susceptible moment. After our scan is initiated, we can then diagram a healing strategy, utilizing various platforms that offer network security and evergreen techniques that set your security risk as low as possible in this ever-changing environment.