IT support deals with a lot of things on a day by day basis, but some of them are put on the backburner. This might be due to multiple reasons, whether it be because the issue seems small or because there is the idea of fixing a problem as it arises, but this can cause issues in the long run. Dealing with problems as they come up may seem convenient at the moment, but what happens when multiple problems surface at once? Suddenly IT is scrambling to do its best and fix every problem at once, with the same deadline as always. This is a dangerous stance to take in the digital age and could lead to major problems over time. Every company needs a complete IT support plan.

Dealing with technological issues is what IT support was made for, but simply waiting around for the problems to appear is lazy and doesn’t actually benefit anyone. IT should always be monitoring for problems and attempting to fix them or find a fix before they impact the business. IT support is in place so that they can find and fix problems before and after they occur. They should be focused on tracking down any and all potential issues and fixing them or finding ways to prevent them from impacting the business. If all they do is wait for problems to come to them, they will find themselves swamped with work and holding up the basic functions of the business while they do.

Of course, this doesn’t mean only look for things to fix and not handle current problems, but try and find a balance between the two. Hunt down potential bugs or issues and work on ways to solve them before they blossom, while also handling problems that arise from any number of venues in the workplace.

Imagine a workplace with a complacent IT support group. Everything is running smoothly and IT is preparing for the worst, but passively. They are making sure their software is up to date, chatting, dealing with small issues and calls from other workers that have issues at the moment but nothing major. Then disaster strikes with the entire email system crippled from a bug due to some office worker accidentally opening an email containing a virus. Had IT been a bit more proactive they may have been scanning for emails such as this, creating or utilizing a system that can catch these emails before someone opens them. They could have sent out a warning email to all workers that potentially malicious emails are floating around this time of year and to be very careful and to contact IT if they come across a suspicious email. But instead they waited for something to happen, and when it did it cripples the company.

People go for hours or even days without email, forced to resort to other means to contact clients and each other. Money is lost, reputation is lost, and IT rapidly becomes overworked from the influx of problems that follow. Standing in an open field and waiting for a storm while expecting not to get wet is foolish thinking. A raincoat, an umbrella, boots, these are things that are needed to weather a rainstorm and stay fairly dry. IT support should be of the same mind in that regard.