You’re no stranger to those little pop-up windows.
“An update is available!”

Whether it’s for desktop, tablet or mobile software, updates are a regular thing. Our lives revolve around software both in work and at home, so we see these notifications often.

As frequent as these little pop-ups are, however, the number of times we hit “remind me later” is almost as frequent.
How many times has a device forced you to update because you’d pressed that button too many times?
Software updates are important for all devices for both security and functional reasons. The sooner you click “OK” for these updates, the more confident you can feel.

Keep reading to learn the four principal reasons why software updates are so important.

1. They patch security flaws

One of the main reasons why updates are pushed out so often is to patch security flaws. Bugs are discovered, vulnerabilities are fixed, and the programmers behind the apps you use are always patching every hole for you.

Why wouldn’t you want to opt into the added security as soon as you can?

2. You deserve the best

Software updates give you the latest and greatest versions of the apps you love and need. New features and improvements are part of these regular updates.

Whatever the benefit, is there any reason why you wouldn’t want to opt in?

3. Updates do a lot

Software updates offer other benefits as well. Beyond hole patches and new features, updates also include better speed, no more crashing, and other improvements to the user experience.

4. It isn’t just about you

Whether it’s your work or personal computer or device, updates (and their implications on security, in particular) protect the data you share with others. They also protect you from getting a virus that could be passed over your network to other people’s devices and computers, too.

It’s easy to click “remind me later” and perpetually skip software updates. If they take a few minutes that you feel you just don’t have, it sometimes seems like the only option.

Putting your data or whole network at risk, however, is never worth it.

Understanding why software updates are so important is the first step. Now, take the extra few minutes to click “OK” on that next update pop-up, and you’ll gain these benefits and more.