Everyone likes to have their own unique spin on the layout and navigation of their workspace. Being able to customize what used to be a wrote, stagnant user interface is definitely a thing of the past. Recent updates to Windows 10 make utilizing specific enhancements to make your digital experience more efficient and tailored to your subjective imagination, a pleasure to peruse.

You can pin frequently visited sites to your task bar to visit quickly instead of having to remember the URL by name. Also utilizing the ALT + TAB functions enables you to switch between the windows you have open for quick access. Most of these features are located under the Settings option and can truly individualize your features for ease of use and time enhancements.

If you take some time to review the options available, you can pinpoint the most important highlights such as activating the Windows Hello feature to add layered security to sign-ons or utilize the Windows Magnifier to read text aloud, allowing you to multi-task. Utilizing various functions within the Display module can help adjust for our eyesight, while the Snip & Sketch tool can be a great asset for communicating with co-workers and clients in a new way, see the example below:

As you can see, we’ve snapped a picture from our website and highlighted the service we wanted to share with the end user. This can quickly give a person the information they need instead of wasting time trying to explain things over the phone and can be especially helpful for guiding your clients to specific information points on your website, document or screen.

Take some time to review the various Settings options on Windows 10 and see how it can begin to help make your life a little easier. In today’s information overload, it could help increase the most valuable asset to our workday – the gift of time. TimbukTech is your resource for efficient, secure tools and information, your partner for business success.