4 Windows 10 Productivity Tips
In case you were wondering, about one billion computers today run Windows 10.
If you weren’t wondering, it’s no wonder you don’t know all the coolest ins and outs of the operating system!
A little curiosity goes a long way with Windows 10. Windows in general has been around for so long that most users don’t get too jazzed about updates, but the latest version has some tricks you’ll want to leverage.
Windows 10, they say, was built especially for productivity. Keep reading, and you’ll learn how to maximize your computer’s relationship with Windows 10 so it can work exactly the way you want it to.
Windows 10 for added productivity
You probably have the basics down in Windows. And that’s great! The following are some of our favorite tips to boost productivity even more when working on Windows 10. We guarantee you’ll learn something new.
1. Minimize interruptions

Stay focused on whatever it is you’re working on by eliminating notification interruptions. Pop-up notifications can be helpful, but at the wrong time they can kick you out of a productive headspace.

To turn these off, open the Start menu, click the Settings cog, and then click on System > Notifications and actions. There, you can turn notifications entirely off or limit which apps can send them.

2. Use (and organize) workflows

Some users feel pretty tech savvy just using the Alt-Tab combination to leaf through open programs on Windows 10. You can take the time to organize things even better, though, and make multi-tasking as smooth as can be. This is even cooler with the right multiple-monitor setup.

System tasks like automatic posting can be included in what are called “Workflows,” either preceded or followed by other tasks you perform. Just click the search icon and type in “workflow,” which will bring up the Workflow page. Create a Workflow by simply listing the steps on each individual line. Each step is set by conditions that you define.

3. Night light

Use the night light setting on Windows 10 to restrict the blue light shining out from your computer display. Blue light restricts your melatonin production at night, which makes it harder to sleep.

Go to Start > Settings > System > Display to activate the night light slider, and keep it on all day. You’ll be grateful you did.

4. Windows timeline

The Windows 10 timeline displays the history of all your activity in Microsoft apps. That includes everything from Microsoft Office files to Edge browser tabs. This makes it easy to jump back to something you were working on before, even after you’ve closed it out.
Being more productive means finishing your days sooner and with more energy, all while getting more done. These tips are more than glamorous—they’ll seriously streamline everything you do on your PC.